WASD or arrow keys for movement.
Space bar to jump.
Help your unicorn collect carrots, and avoid the snakes.
I’ll try and keep a record of the passcodes for you here 🙂

1) Eggs, Star, Tree, Pumpkin
2) Snowflake, Horse, Rainbow, Panda
3) Clover, Panda, Rainbow, Pumpkin
4) Star, Horse, Tree, Eggs
5) Rainbow, Star, Horse, Snowflake
6) Tree, Star, Rainbow, Clover
7) Horse, Tree, Eggs, Star
8) Star, Horse, Tree, Pumpkin
9) Pumpkin, Tree, Horse, Star
10) Tree, Horse, Rainbow, Pumpkin
11) Clover, Star, Eggs, Snowflake
12) Tree, Eggs, Rainbow, Star
13) Star, Panda, Eggs, Horse
14) Rainbow, Eggs, Panda, Clover
15) Star, Clover, Panda, Snowflake
16) Star, Rainbow, Clover, Tree
17) Tree, Clover, Rainbow, Pumpkin
18) Pinata, Eggs, Star, Rainbow
19) Pumpkin, Star, Snowflake, Tree
20) Tree, Clover, Rainbow, Star
21) Snowflake, Pumpkin, Tree, Star
22) Star, Panda, Eggs, Tree
23) Pumpkin, Eggs, Star, Tree
24) Rainbow, Snowflake, Clover, Horse